Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Big Happy Family!

Good news! Gracie's been back from the hospital for several days now, and she seems to be fine. No more of that throwing up. She's even back to wrestling with me! The only holdover from her stay is her right front leg is still shaved from where they stuck her. Daddy calls it her "poodle foot," but I don't get it.

And speaking of Daddy, he's home early from Alaska! Not only that, but he brought a new toy with him just like last time! It's a opossum! Mommy and Daddy tell me that opossums like to "play dead," so I'm not going to let this one fool me. Even when it's still, I'm gonna keep biting!

I even felt sorry for Gracie with her being so sick recently, so I let her play with opossum while I wrote this entry. Now, I'm done, so it's my turn again. Until next time!


  1. Hey Gracie; Is Daddy home this week or in VA? Arf, Diva

  2. Virginia, but he comes home tomorrow!

  3. Glad Gracie is better and double glad Dad is home.