Monday, April 11, 2011

We're Back!

Hello All. I know it's been a while. Daddy calls it "procrastination" that turns into "inactivity." It's just really hard to type with four paws, so I can't post anything unless Daddy stops being lazy and helps me.

Believe me, I've been anything but inactive, and I have lots of stories to recount in the coming days and weeks. We just got back from vacation, and I have a bunch of new toys. And I even caught my squirrel... although that's a bad topic. (Don't laugh, Gracie; I'm watching you!) Next time I'll be ready... All in good time.

For now, here are some pictures of us playing in our yard last October. Yes, last October. It's that Daddy procrastination thing again. We're still catching up. Anyway, Gracie and I had just got back from a haircut, so we were all pretty (of course), but we were still trying our best to get rid of that darn powder smell they put on us by rolling around in the grass a bit. I hate that powder smell! Anyway, stay tuned for more!

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