Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Miss My Daddy!

Daddy's packing again, and Abby's just too depressed to get out of bed right now. See what I mean? Anyway, I, Super-Gracie, will have to update the blog.

As it turns out, Daddy's going on another business trip to someplace far away he calls "Alaska." That's the third time in five months! I'm really getting to hate Alaska for taking my Daddy away from me so often, but at least we'll get to have snuggle time with Mommy! Maybe we'll even have a girrrls' night out!

Oh, you may be wondering about the changes Mommy and Daddy made to the house. I don't like them. I used to be able to run real easy on all the carpeting, but now there's this wood stuff that I slip on. Mommy says they're going to get a carpet to go over the wood stuff, but until they do, these changes are not Gracie-approved!

Anyway, I gotta go. Now that Abby's all mopey, it's my chance to eat my bone unmolested!

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