Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Big Happy Family!

Good news! Gracie's been back from the hospital for several days now, and she seems to be fine. No more of that throwing up. She's even back to wrestling with me! The only holdover from her stay is her right front leg is still shaved from where they stuck her. Daddy calls it her "poodle foot," but I don't get it.

And speaking of Daddy, he's home early from Alaska! Not only that, but he brought a new toy with him just like last time! It's a opossum! Mommy and Daddy tell me that opossums like to "play dead," so I'm not going to let this one fool me. Even when it's still, I'm gonna keep biting!

I even felt sorry for Gracie with her being so sick recently, so I let her play with opossum while I wrote this entry. Now, I'm done, so it's my turn again. Until next time!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Poor Gracie

This past week has been awful!
First my Daddy left for that Alaska place again and then Gracie had to go to the hospital.
Mommy and I both tried to tell her that it wasn't ok to eat those little orange pumpkins from the palm trees, but she never listens. After she ate them she just kept throwing up. Mommy was really, really worried about her, so she finally had to take her to the hospital early Friday morning. She's been there since. The good news is that Gracie stopped throwing up and is able to eat like she's supposed to. Mommy said that she will probably get to come home tonight since she's not dehydrated anymore and is feeling better.
The other bad news is that since Gracie kept putting things in her mouth that she shouldn't, Mommy bought these things that we have to wear over our mouths when we go outside. I don't really think it's fair, because I didn't eat the orange pumpkins. Mommy says she's just trying to keep us safe. I guess I understand, but how am I going to attack the squirrels and lizards if I can't open my mouth? Maybe Mommy will only make us wear them for a few days.
Anyway, I would never tell Gracie this, but I've really missed her. I mean, there's no one here to tackle or to hunt, which makes for a very boring day. Mommy has taken me on a few walks around my kingdom and that's been ok. It would have been better with Gracie. I hope she comes home tonight, I miss the little booger.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Miss My Daddy!

Daddy's packing again, and Abby's just too depressed to get out of bed right now. See what I mean? Anyway, I, Super-Gracie, will have to update the blog.

As it turns out, Daddy's going on another business trip to someplace far away he calls "Alaska." That's the third time in five months! I'm really getting to hate Alaska for taking my Daddy away from me so often, but at least we'll get to have snuggle time with Mommy! Maybe we'll even have a girrrls' night out!

Oh, you may be wondering about the changes Mommy and Daddy made to the house. I don't like them. I used to be able to run real easy on all the carpeting, but now there's this wood stuff that I slip on. Mommy says they're going to get a carpet to go over the wood stuff, but until they do, these changes are not Gracie-approved!

Anyway, I gotta go. Now that Abby's all mopey, it's my chance to eat my bone unmolested!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Road Trip!

Yesterday, Gracie and I started a road trip to see Aunt Suzie while Mommy and Daddy do some work on our house. They said it's going to be much different when we get back. Just so long as the squirrels stay off my yard, I don't care what they do. But I can't stand being gone! I just know some squirrels are in my yard even as I type this!

Daddy got a picture of us before we left. You can see that we were exhausted from playing with squirrel and bottle baby behind me. I don't think Gracie knew the camera was on her, but I'm clearly ready for my close-up!

Here's two pictures of us getting in the car and strapped in. There I was posing all pretty when Gracie's big ear got in the way. She's such a camera hog!

Last time, I said I didn't have a picture of Aunt Suzie, so I made sure that Mommy got one yesterday when she dropped us off. Check her out below. She's a little brown and very funny-looking schnauzer. See how small she is! Even bottle baby's a bit bigger I think!

So I'm sad we can no longer cuddle up with Mommy and Daddy to take naps or watch TV, but on the positive side this is a whole new yard to patrol! Aunt Suzie does a terrible job of keeping the squirrels out of her territory, so I'm going to teach her how its done. Here I am showing her how to spot them through the window. This is important in figuring out where they come from and what they do! Unfortunately, Aunt Suzie doesn't seem to be in the picture. She must not care. Frankly, I didn't notice. The hunt is on again!