Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Yay! I'm 4 years old today! My plans include snuggling up with my Mommy and Daddy, eating some treats, wrestling with Gracie, and chasing a squirrel. I'll probably also go for a walk and poop somewhere new.

Here are some more pictures from about three weeks ago. Again, we've just had a haircut. In fact, the haircuts are so recent in these pics that we're still styling with our bandanas from the groomers. Gracie is rooting in the grass like normal, and I was caught with my tongue out. I think the picture is a little goofy, but my Daddy likes it, so I guess it gets posted. Sometimes, I do things to make him think he's in charge, but we all know who's really pulling the strings, right?


  1. Hello and Happy Birthday for yesterday - hope you were well spoilt! Dex & Louis 2 new Mini friends!

  2. Hi there, Abby and Gracie! We found you from Puppy Dogs Tales. Hope you had a great birthday, Abby.

  3. Greetings all fellow schnauzers! Thanks for dropping in and saying hi. We look forward to keeping in touch.