Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Got Prettified!

Yesterday, Gracie and I got haircuts. I'm OK with haircuts; it lets me go out and see what the latest styles are! There was one funny-looking tiny schnauzer in the salon that had an awful lot of hair. It was all dragging the ground, and it just looked hot... not to mention it was sooo 2008! I definitely did not like that look, and I'm glad they just went with the normal. Hey, when you've got perfection, why change it? Anyway, they gave me a cute blue bandana with sunshines on it and a little bow on my right hip. A girrrl's got to accessorize, you know!

Gracie, on the other hand, hates haircuts. Really, she hates the powder they put on us when we're done. I'm not fond of it either, but she normally comes home and runs straight to the back yard to find the nearest stretch of grass to roll in. She claims she's gotta get the right smell back, and you know how much smelling right is important to us girrrls. So they went with the cute red bandana for Gracie, and I think it looks fabulous on her! Red's so her color!

That reminds me, one time a year or so ago, Gracie came right back from the salon and rolled in the yard like normal, only to grind around in a pile of poo! Mommy and Daddy were sooo mad at her, but she claimed it was preferrable to the powder smell!

So when you got it, I say flaunt it, so here's how pretty we look. Don't be jealous!

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